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Engine Steam Cleaning

Professional Engine Steam Cleaning - San Diego

clean engine steam cleaning service
Why do I need to clean my engine?
1) Oil and grease cause deterioration to rubber components and wiring.
2) Technicians can perform diagnostics and repairs; easier and more accurately when engines are clean.

3) Cars sell for more money when their engine compartments are clean.
4) Cleaning dirty engines helps protect our environment.
For more information, give us a call at 619-589-1188!
We have been providing steam clean service to San Diego for over 20 years. 
We are located in Spring Valley, neighboring Lemon Grove, Rancho San Diego, serving all of East County, North County and South County. We have many customers from North Island and proudly offer a military discount. We have a brand new state of the art 18,000 lb. lift that will lift even some RVs and commercial vehicles. We follow all safety and environmental guidelines. We properly dispose of any hazardous materials.

Looking for an oil leak?
We can add dye to your engine for an additional charge. This dye will show where any leaks are coming from.

Are you a technician looking for some help finding an oil leak?
We can save you time and money! Ask us about our referral program.
Do you want high performance out of your vehicle?
A dirty engine can cause deterioration of many components and wiring and pollute our environment. Steam cleaning your engine can improve your engines performance. It can also save your money in the long run by making hoses and wiring last longer.
Are you looking to resale a used car?
Engine steam clean and bumper-to-bumper steam clean is a great way to increase the value of your vehicle and an effective way to help our environment.

If you are going to resale a used car, you can dramatically increase its value to have it steam cleaned. This can sometimes increase the value up to $1000. When you are looking at a used car, wouldn't you like to see a clean engine and under carriage when considering your purchase?
Make your vehicles problems easy to see.
A clean engine is easier to work on. All technicians will agree that a clean engine is an easier one to work on. Let us clean your engine from top to bottom. We will first steam clean the engine from the top then lift it and steam clean the bottom of the engine or we can clean it from bumper-to-bumper should you choose.

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